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"Ukraine" - the leading national TV channel of the country. At the end of 2019, the Ukraine TV channel confidently holds the lead among Ukrainian channels in terms of main audiences.
Over the years, PATRIOT Rental has been providing professional film and video filming of any complexity. We are constantly expanding our technical capabilities.
STB - a national television channel, part of the largest media group in Ukraine - holding StarLightMedia, which comprises 16 companies.
Acting agency "AGNI-KINO" (Agency of Independent Information) was founded in 2004. We work successfully and take care of our talents, representing their interests in all areas of film and television.
ТММ Express
TMM Express is an international express delivery network artfully deploying time-sensitive cargos and courier shipments (documents, parcels etc) all over the world.
Foley Walkers
We specialize in Foley recording, SFX and Sound Design for Film, TV series, games, animation, commercials, etc. Modern technologies allow us to execute tasks remotely.
KWA Sound Production
"KWA Sound Production" is a full-cycle studio working with sound for movies, TV movies, computer games and advertising. All rooms where specialists work are designed and prepared for recording and further work with sound.
Vileton Films
Vileton Films is specialized on production of television films and series in Eastern Europe markets including Ukraine and Poland.
ABC Film Ukraine
ABC Film Ukraine production company, which creates series for ukrainian and foreign TV channels.
Inter - a national television channel. Appeared on the Ukrainian air on October 20, 1996. Inter's programs are designed for a mass audience and take into account the needs of all social and age groups.