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Anything You Want

  • Category: melodrama
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

After a divorce from her husband Nina tries to start from scratch, at the same time achieving her lifelong dream. One day she meets Albert, who surrounds her with such love and attention, that Nina is sure she has found her Prince. Suddenly a beautiful fairytale turns into a nightmare and it seems there is no way out for Nina. She sinks into despair, but meeting Sergei helps her to get back on her feet and to find what she has been looking for – love. 


  • Starring: Olga Oleksiy, Alexander Konstantinov, Mikhail Gavrilov-Tretyakov, Viktor Vasiliev, Ekaterina Vishnevaya, Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Igor Rubashkin, Olesya Gaevaya, Karina Shereverova, Andrey Isaenko, Yulia Buinovskaya, Dmitry Orlov, Anastasia Pokhodenko-Mateshko, Evgeny Lesnichy
  • Directed by: Anatoly Mateshko
  • Produced by: Vitalii Sirenko, Irina Franchuk, Nataliia Stribuk, Viktoriia Korogod
  • Cinematography: Sergey Grablev
  • Written by: Svetlana Levashova
  • Art director: Alexander Teterin
  • Music by: Maxim Kornilyuk