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Life and driving lessons

Life and driving lessons
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2021
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

Anna Liubich, a famous race driver, who has retired from sports, opens a driving school for women. Alongside with the care of her aged father and unmanageable brother, Anna solves the problems of her students – the single mother Polina, whose son Iliusha remains in the custody of Liubich family; Zoia Sergeevna, who has got in a car accident. A perfect driving master, Anna regularly gets into personal “accidents” – with her old friend Oleg Beletskii, with Valera, the school’s driving instructor, with Yaroslav – her might-have-been husband. Who of them will teach Anna to the rules of life? Who can conceive the strong woman not to be afraid of her feelings and move along the main road – to her happiness?


  • Starring: Anastasiia Ivanova, Aleksandr Konstantinov, Vadim Andreev, Elena Stefanskaia, Vladislav Onishchenko, Inga Nagornaia, Daria Plakhtii, Vitalii Salii, Aleksei Zubak, Konstantin Koretskii, Daniil Mireshkin, Yuliia Gapchuk, Mariia Trepikova, Valeriia Valenchuk, Svetlana Shtanko, Anton Solovei, Viacheslav Vasiliuk, Elena Rechich, Evgenii Shekera, Lorena Kolibabchuk, Taisiia Boiko
  • Directed by: Dmitrii Matov
  • Cinematography: Anton Tkachenko
  • Written by: Natalia Shimboretskaia
  • Art director: Alena Ostapenko
  • Music by: Vladlen Pupkov