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Family Portrait

Family Portrait
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2020
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

Blood brothers Artem and Fedor Bykov chose different ways of life. Artem made a career in the capital, he became a right hand of the prominent businessman Stepan Krylov. Fedor stayed in his hometown and modestly worked with his father in a local car service. The brothers knew that no matter what happened, they could come to their parents’ house and find help and comfort here. One day a misfortune happens to the brothers’ father. Fedor asks his more successful brother Artem to help. Artem offers his brother to make some money: to kidnap the granddaughter of his boss Krylov and to get a ransom for her. The plan fails, changing fates of many people. From this moment the brothers are bound by a criminal secret. Upon seventeen years, during which the brothers did not see each other, the truth is out. Artem and Fedor meet in their native house - each one with his own truth and his own pain. The denouement of the story takes place here, changing again fates of many people.

  • Starring: Artur Logai, Petr Rykov, Anastasiia Ivanova, Daria Legeida, Aleksander Kryzhanovskii, Larisa Rusnak, Yurii Grebelnik, Georgii Khostikoiev, Nataliia Vasko, Polina Nosykhina, Anna Ivanova, Maksim Kostiunin, Vladislav Romanichenko, Elena Fesunenko, Dmitrii Tuboltsev, Elena Novikova, Dmitrii Oleinik, Anastasiia Mikhalchuk, Olesia Ostrovskaya, Elena Topol, Andrei Kronglevskii
  • Directed by: Nikolai Mikhailov
  • Produced by: Vitalii Sirenko, Nataliia Stribuk, Viktoriia Korogod, Vadim Zhuk
  • Cinematography: Anatolii Sakhno
  • Written by: Viktoriia Yevseeva
  • Art director: Aleksandr Zaslavskii
  • Music by: Vladlen Pupkov