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The Unforgotten

The Unforgotten
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2020
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

Larisa and Dana are the stepmother and stepdaughter; together they survived tragic losses and dangers, they could have become the most kindred people to each other, but became enemies because they two fell in love with one man. And lost him. They blame each other for the new heartache and the broken life. Where will the unforgotten offence and the vengeance lead them? Will the women find the way to forgiving or will they make new, fatal mistakes?

  • Starring: Irina Tarannik, Mila Sivatskaia, Mariia Markhai, Vitalii Kudriavtsev, Artemii Egorov, Aleksandr Kobzar, Nikita Vakuliuk, Sergei Dzialik, Liubava Berlo, Lesia Samaeva, Danil Shevchenko, Kirill Cherniakov
  • Directed by: Miroslav Malich
  • Produced by: Sirenko, Nataliia Stribuk, Viktoriia Korogod, Irina Franchuk
  • Cinematography: Sviatoslav Bulakovskii
  • Written by: Natalia Shimboretskaia
  • Art director: Alena Ostapenko
  • Music by: Vladlen Pupkov