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The queen of the road

The queen of the road
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2021
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

It is the story of a husband- long-distance trucker, obsessed with a road, who got into a car accident driving his truck; while he is licking his wounds, like a stricken beast, his wife –housekeeper has nothing to do but get behind the wheel of the truck to pay out debts and provide for a family.

For the sake of her family and the future of her beloved, the woman will have to work her way through unfair rivalry, fails in her business, the breaches of the trucker, beat down the disregard of the others, including her colleagues-long-distance truckers, and, which is the most important, believe in herself.


  • Starring: Tatiana Kaziuchits, Dmitrii Ratomskii, Aleksandr Nikitin, Artur Logai, Nataliia Denisenko, Maksim Kostiunin, Aleksandr Kryzhanovskii, Olesia Ostrovskaia, Aleksandr Laptii, Aleksei Smolka, Nina Galena, Valerii Sheptekita, Inga Nagornaia, Elena Khizhnaia, Elena Topol, Dmitrii Oleinik (II) , Sergei Detiuk, Valerii Pasechnik, Andrei Kronglevskii, Maksim Kaniuka, Stanislav Bzhezinskii, Elena Chervonenko, Valeriia Chaikovskaia, Margarita Binkovskaia, Yurii Kukharenko, Aleksandr Moiseenko, Aleksandr Danilchenko
  • Directed by: Nikolay Mikhalov
  • Produced by: Vitaly Sirenko, Irina Franchuk, Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak,
  • Cinematography: Vasil Sikachinskii
  • Written by: Olga Donskaia
  • Art director: Viktor Dontsov
  • Music by: Vladlen Pupkov