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When love dies

When love dies
  • Category: melodrama
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

Tania brings her family to live in her hometown, where she unexpectedly bumps into the guy she used to be in love with and was separated from due to tragic circumstances. Tania’s mother was killed in a traffic accident involving her sweetheart Sasha’s father.

This new encounter with Sasha turns Tania’s life upside down and her apparent family happiness comes tumbling down as their love is still alive!

Unable to hide their love affair, Sasha and Tania decide to confess to their spouses.

However, after a straight talk with her husband, Sasha’s wife Dina vanishes and is found dead in the morning. Tania’s husband Kostya is involved in the investigation into the causes of her death. Tania fails to have a talk with him the day before and he is to find out about her adultery over the course of the investigation. Now, Kostya will stop at nothing to put his rival behind bars.


  • Starring: Tatiana Ratnikova, Vladimir Gorislavets, Artur Logai, Aleksandr Nikitin, Natalia Vasko, Svetlana Kirpichyova, Ksenia Nikolayeva, Yuri Grebelnik, Anna Rudenko.
  • Directed by: Nikolay Mikhailov
  • Produced by: Vitalii Sirenko, Nataliia Stribuk, Viktoriia Korogod, Vadim Zhuk
  • Cinematography: Vasily Sikachinsky
  • Written by: Olga Kulagina
  • Art director: Peter Koryagin
  • Music by: Vladlen Pupkov