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The Seventh Guest

The Seventh Guest
  • Category: detective, melodrama
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 2 episodes

Valia and Andrei loved each other. She was a daughter of a businessman and he was a car service worker. But Valia obeyed the will of her parents and married a son of the city administration official, Kirill. Family life in the families of Valia and Andrei was unhappy. Valia left her husband and returned to her hometown. Valia and Andrei met and did not want to break up ever again. But Kirill was not going to let Valia go. He invited her, Andrei, and several other people to a “confrontation”, where he promised to reveal a secret from the past. He assured that having learned the secret Valia would leave Andrei and return to her family. Due to tragic circumstances the confrontation did not take place. Valia had to hire a private detective to figure out the secrets of the past and to find the mysterious seventh participant of the failed meeting.

  • Starring: Daria Yegorova, Ilia Noskov, Yevgenii Shirikov, Aleksandr Tiutin, Sergei Radchenko, Nataliia Vasko, Anna Sagaidachnaia, Ekaterina Tyshkevich, Andrey Isaienko, Mikhail Krishtal, Yurii Diak, Igor Salimonov
  • Directed by: Igor Moskvitin
  • Produced by: Viacheslav Mikhailov, Vitalii Sirenko, Irina Franchuk (executive producer)
  • Cinematography: Aleksandr Vatalev
  • Written by: Viktoriia Yevseeva
  • Art director: Yuliia Balan
  • Music by: Andrei Ponomarev