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One Dream for Two

One Dream for Two
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

Olia and Petia are age mates, they have been living next door from a young age: together they grew up, together they survived the loss of their relatives (Olia’s mother and Petia’s father) in the car accident, together they were taken to the orphanage. Later the children’s friendship turned into love, and by the age of eighteen the young people were sure they would get on together and prepared for wedding. However, their plans are interfered by Ilia Gorelov, a son of an influential father, who got used to obtain what he wanted at will. Olia rejects his courting. Than Ilia makes arrangements to put out the rival of the way, because one cannot be divided into two. Finally, after a chain of events arranged by Ilia, Petr gets in jail, and Olia has to accept Gorelov’s proposal and become his wife. Eighteen years later, Olia is still Gorelov’s wife, she is well off and does the work she loves. But neither Olia nor her son Serezha who grew up a rioter, or Ilia feel happy. Everything will change when Petr returns to Olia’s “orbit”. A sudden meeting will turn upside down the lives of all the participants of the story. It will make them all answer the difficult questions. What is more important – the sense of duty or the once betrayed love? Is it necessary to revenge for the past offences or is it enough just to try and redress justice? Once again, Olia will have to make the most important choice in her life.

  • Starring: Aleksandr Ratnikov, Alina Sergeeva, Dmitrii Sova, Vladislav Demidenko, Irina Grishak, Kseniia Basha-Dovzhenko, Andrei Isaenko, Vladimir Miniailo, Oleg Shcherbina, Anna Rasstalnaia, Marina Kuklina, Evgenii Oleinik, Vladimir Gladkii, Natalia Kudriavtseva, Taisiia Shchukur
  • Directed by: Vladimir Yanoshchuk
  • Produced by: Vitalii Sirenko, Irina Franchuk (executive producer)
  • Cinematography: Anton Verbin
  • Written by: Nataliia Shimboretskaia
  • Art director: Yuliia Balan
  • Music by: Nikita Yanoshchuk