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Run and Don’t Look Back!

Run and Don’t Look Back!
  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 4 episodes

The story begins at a meeting in Voronezh hospital. The doctor Tatiana Bobrova is nervous – she needs to go home, but the chief physician does not let her go until all issues are solved. Finally she manages to go away.

Her husband, a police major Sergei Bobrov, who occupies one of the key posts in the Department of the Internal Affairs, is waiting for her at home. He meets her with a barrage of accusations, drives himself to a frenzy and beats Tatiana carefully avoiding her face and visible parts of her body.

Tatiana decides to run away immediately.

  • Starring: Yuliia Zhigalina, Aleksandr Pashkov, Vladimir Fokov, Yuliia Rudina, Aleksandr Kobzar, Georgii Leshchenko, Anzhelika Eshbaeva, Marina Kuklina, Vitalii Ivanchenko, Mikhail Romanov, Mikhail Dosenko, Vladimir Movchan, Antonina Makarchuk, Dmitrii Bazay, Ekaterina Vishnevaia, Viktor Saraikin
  • Directed by: Miroslav Malich
  • Produced by: Viacheslav Mikhailov, Vitalii Sirenko, Irina Franchuk (executive producer)
  • Cinematography: Sergei Bordeniuk
  • Written by: Vladimir Yatskevich
  • Art director: Rodion Molodichenko
  • Music by: Andrei Ponomarev