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  • Category: melodrama
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Series
  • Duration: 16 episodes

Young Angelina inherited from her grandmother-herb woman the ethnomedicine secrets and her busy clientele. The family business is well liked by Angelina, and she devotes all her time to it, despite the fact that her fiancé Pavel Korostylev persuades the girl to give up the witchcraft for the sake of their common future. Angelina’s persistency and the intrigues of her rival Inga Dumanova, who is in love with Pavel, pay off. Angelina and Pavel separate, blaming one another for this separation. The sun shines on Inga’s street – the wedding with Pavel is coming soon. Soon, the young couple becomes the parents of twin boys. Three years later a disaster is knocking Korostylevs’ door. The two boys suddenly fall ill with diphtheria, and it is impossible to get to the hospital. With their heavy hearts, Korostylevs come to Angelina for help, imploring to save their children. However, the ethnomedicine is helpless at the severe disease. One of the babies suffocates. Inga, frantic with grief, blames Angelina with a deliberate murder due to jealousy, and the furious home-folks lynch the “witch Anhelina”.

  • Starring: Mariia Kulikova, Vitalii Kudriavtsev, Tatiana Kolganova, Aleksandr Arsentev, Aleksandr Yatsko, Anna Sagaidachnaia, Sergei Kozlov, Viktoriia Levchenko,Oleg Zagorodnii, Daria Legeida, Leonid Gromov, Vlad Nikitiuk, Polina Vasilina, Anastasiia Tsymbalaru, Oleg Shcherbina, Sergei Ponomarenko, Tatiana Ruzhavskaia, Olga Radchuk, Vladimir Tereshchuk, Dmitrii Oskin, Borislav Borisenko, Vladislav Pisarenko, Yurii Felipenko, Konstantin Daniliuk, Oksana Arkhangelskaia, Yuliia Shugar, Mariia Trepikova
  • Directed by: Roman Barabash
  • Produced by: Vitalii Sirenko, Irina Franchuk (executive producer)
  • Cinematography: Anton Verbin
  • Written by: Marina Latsys
  • Art director: Yuliia Balan
  • Music by: Andrei Ponomarev